What breaks your heart?

I have preached a lot of messages over the years about how each one of us is called by God for a purpose.  From the youngest child to the oldest grandmother, God has a plan and purpose for each of us. For some people, the call is easy to see (that doesn’t mean it is necessarily easy to carry out)  – people with a special gift of music, teaching or preaching are often lifted up by the crowd because we can see the effects of their gifts.

But what about the rest of us, whose gifts are not so obvious.  How do we remain faithful?  How can we be obedient to a call that is sometimes elusive?  I can’t tell you the number of people over the years of my ministry who have told me something to the effect of ” Well preacher, I don’t know what I’m called for or what I’m good at or what God has me here for – I’m just an ordinary Christian

If you are in truth “an ordinary Christian” than you have all the power, wisdom and strength that you need to fulfill God’s call upon your life.  When working with people who are trying to find their call, their mission, their purpose, I like to start with a simple question.  What breaks your heart?

I’m being very serious with this question.  There is so much need out in the world and so many places that one could work in, but it comes down to what God has called you to.  And for me, What breaks your heart? is a simple place to start searching for what God has prepared your heart for. What has He made you extra sensitive to?  The incredible thing is that it is different for every disciple of Christ.  Often in subtle ways, but it is still different.

I taught a class on local missions one time and asked this question of the participants and out of a room of 30 people, we had 30 different answers.  When something breaks your heart or when God breaks your heart over something, you will discover that you cannot sit idly bye as this situation takes place.  You will find yourself doing things, standing up for things, working harder, striving harder all because you find you cannot stand to let that situation occur.

For me, one big thing that breaks my heart is the idea of a child going hungry.  I have discovered that God will nudge me, poke me, drag me sometimes into doing things that will cause me to fight the very idea of a hungry child.  I’ve also discovered that when God breaks your heart over something, you will bring people along with you for the ride. This isn’t something that you can possibly keep to yourself.

So my questions for you today are these:  What breaks your heart?  and what will you do about it?


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