The power of One (part 3)

Many of you have heard me refer to myself as an “information” junkie.  I love to learn. I love to discover new things, new books, new websites, new people, etc.  Well I was reading a webpage recently and there was a link to the following site.  Every Monday Matters.  After looking around the site, I realized that it fits perfectly with the theme of my last two posts on “The Power of One”  They actually take it a step further and encourage all the ones that are out there looking to make a difference to gather together and share what they are doing and even brainstorm how their 2 or 3 or more might make a difference.

What is also really cool about this idea is the wide variety of areas that they are encouraging you to make a difference. They also nudge you with questions, ideas and motivation to do what you can.

Okay, here is what I would like to see in 2012.  I would love to have our church begin this movement in Murray County. I see this going way beyond our congregation, but would love to have some help in getting this started and getting the word out.

Take a look around the website and call me, e-mail me, text me, message me, whatever and let me know that you are interested in making this happen.


Merry Christmas and remember to get out there and make a difference!


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