The power of One.

There is a lie out there that too many people, including too many Christians tragically believe. It is the lie that one person (particularly myself) cannot make a difference in this world. Too many people look at the problems that the world is burdened with and give up and give in to the lie that there is nothing that I can do!

For the Christ follower, the beginning of our story starts with the purpose for which we were created.  God has created in us the ability to accomplish the purpose for which He created us. I believe that no matter what the issue is, God has already gathered the resources needed to overcome that problem.  In the hands and feet, heart and souls of his children and with the presence & power of His Holy Spirit, the foundation is here to overcome any obstacle, to solve any problem, to conquer any foe.

Now, this does not mean that the battle will be easy.  There will be times when the fight will be fierce and the wounds we receive will be painful, but without the willingness of His children to stand up and say “This ought not to be” than sin and it’s children – greed, hatred, selfishness, and the like – will continue to have their way in our communities.


I have taught a few seminars in the past on missions in the local church and I always ask the following question to the participants:

            What breaks your heart?

What situation, problem, issue is out there that simply breaks your heart when you think about it?  To use different language – What burden has God laid on your heart?  The reason I ask this is simple.  If One is going to make a difference, that one must begin here – in the midst of the call placed on your heart by a just and righteous God.

It’s a really simple question, but when answered with honesty, you will discover the place where you really don’t care what other people think and you will discover the place where you find yourself yearning for a way to overcome that which breaks your heart.


For me, I discovered a few years ago that I cannot stand to think of a child going hungry! No child deserves to go hungry!  But there are millions of hungry children out in the world, someone might say.  How in the world can a single person make a difference against a problem so very, very big?

The answer is simple:  the God that placed this call upon my life will provide the energy, the passion, the drive, the motivation, the words, the guts, whatever it takes to accomplish the purpose He has called me to.

DO NOT believe the lie that you cannot make a difference. If you are faithful. If you believe. If you listen to the one who has laid this burden on your heart, then you will find yourself looking back one day and praising God for what he has done in your little old life.

For me, maybe there will be a day where there will be no more hungry children, but until that day comes – I have work to do.

What breaks your heart?


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