A time to Wait

How many of you have ever said or ever heard it said “Don’t pray for patience, because God will surely give it to you!” In today’s instantaneous culture, the mere idea of waiting is offensive to many people. If we don’t get what we want RIGHT NOW, then we complain to the world about the wait. With today’s TV’s we don’t even have to wait through the commercials anymore.  We can get to we want faster and faster every day.

However, even before we talk about waiting in our faith, we can see many examples of the positives of waiting.  Nine months seems a wonderful time to wait for that child to come, after all there is a lot to prepare before that big day.  Some food (BBQ for example) doesn’t need to be hurried at all.  Slow cooking is the only proper way for some foods.

When it comes to our relationship with God, we need to understand how waiting plays a vital role in our faith and in faith in general. The idea that God has different timing than we do is hard to grasp for many people. 2 Peter 3:8-9 tells us that God is patient because he doesn’t want any of his children to perish.  Thank you Lord for waiting for me.

Another view of waiting can be found Here in this story I read on Preaching Today.  Powerful support for a theology of waiting.


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