Reflections on Time

“But do not forget this one thing, dear friends: with the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day” 2 Peter 3:8

1st Reflection

As I am preparing my message for this 2nd Sunday of Advent, this verse & a blog post I will share with you got me to thinking about the many ways we view Time and what that means for us from a faith view point. The context of this verse from 2 Peter is in the midst of an argument about the delay in Jesus coming back for his own.  Peter is responding to the idea that Jesus did not come back as He promised and therefore God does not keep his promises. This verse and the next few verses tell us that God views life and time from a different viewpoint than we do.

When we are young, it seems like time stretches out forever. As we get older, you hear more and more people talk about how quickly time flies and the months and years just seem to run by the older we get. Time hasn’t change at all, of course. The way we view it has. Perhaps, this gives us an idea into how God looks at time. God’s viewpont is so much broader, deeper and longer than our viewpoint that it makes sense that God’s view of time is different. Just like a summer lasting forever when you are young and a vacation ending much too soon when you are older, so God sees time through the lenses of His purposes. He does not want a single one of his children to perish and so Peter suggests that the reason that Jesus has not come back is that God is waiting so that all His children will have a chance to repent and come back home.

Waiting takes on a whole different meaning when there is purpose behind it. Thank you Lord for waiting for me!

2nd Reflection

I was reading a blog by Steven Furtick this morning and was struck by what he said about the nature of time.

He reflects upon two lies that the devil tells that we need to deny.

a) When we are undergoing difficulties, troubles, trials, persecution, etc.  He will whisper to us “This will never end”

b) or when we are in a season of blessing and enjoying the Grace and love of God. The devil will whisper to us “This will never last”

but the truth of the matter is that troubles do end and God’s grace and favor do last. God’s presence and power are with us through the valley and He has promised that He will be faithful to complete every good work that He has begun in you.

When we in the midst of life, it is helpful to be reminded sometimes that God is Lord even of time and knowing that we will make it through the valleys of life gives us hope to carry on.  And to know that the blessings & nature of God will never change and will never end gives us joy to hold onto in the up and down of our lives.


I pray that you will take a few moments this Advent season to reflect upon these thoughts and how God’s view of time is a many fold blessing.   Come, Lord Jesus, Come!



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