Standing on Holy Ground

I had an interesting encounter today. As I was leaving the church for lunch, a car drove up. The three ladies in the car were the nieces of one of our former pastors (40+ years ago or so) They wanted to see the sanctuary, because they remember when the parsonage was next door to the sanctuary and how when they were children, they would visit their uncle. We had a brief but pleasant visit.

This encounter got me to thinking about the significance the sanctuary has in peoples lives.

Another story that relates to this thought: In a previous church, our church office hosted a teenage girl (through a local non-profit) as an intern for a couple of weeks. This young girl walked into the sanctuary with my secretary one day and was asked to help change the clothes on the pulpit and communion table.  Her response, “Oh no, only the pastor can go up there. I can’t go up there”

What does it mean to stand on holy ground? to be in a place where God chooses to meet his children. Have we gotten so used to it, that we have allowed the awe and power of almighty God to fade away? Or have we gotten so busy with new thoughts, ideas and lives that we have forgotten how many times God has touched our lives?

To enter into this house week after week, to see how and when the Holy Spirit will move is an awesome thing. Some times we are privileged to see the Holy Spirit at work. Sometimes we realize that we are standing on holy ground. But sometimes, God works in the background. Sometimes God works on the hearts of His people, silently and in the depths of their lives. Sometimes we are standing on Holy Ground and we don’t even know it.

May we be ready each and every time we enter the Lord’s sanctuary, because we never know when it will become Holy Ground!

In response to these thoughts I want to  invite you to share moments when you discovered you were standing on holy ground.


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