A Big ol’ family reunion

That’s really what it is.  Although to use theological language, we call it the “connection” in United Methodist circles. Annual conference – the one week a year when pastors and laity come together from across North Georgia to “do the business” of the church. It is important to talk about the budget, to elect the delegates, to hear the reports, but I think it is also very important simply to be together. Like I said before, it’s a “Big ol’ family reunion”

Brothers and sisters in Christ gathering together, sharing stories, catching up on old times, laughing, crying, praying, eating and singing (we are United Methodists, after all) and worshipping. Family reunions are a wonderful time way of reminding us that relationships need nourishing to grow. When we sit down and pull out the pictures and share the stories of life over the past year, I constantly hear people say – we need to do this more often.

There is something powerful when God’s people gather together, work together, pray together, worship together, eat together. It makes you think that perhaps God created us for relationship???!!!

Wherever you are right now, I want to invite you to take some time this week to nourish a relationship.

Me, I’m getting ready to go to a week long family reunion and I’m going to love every minute of it.


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