We Worship to Rejoice

Hope. Joy. Grace. Mercy. Rejoice. Words that we hear often in church and realities that we need in the world.

We don’t need encouragement to talk about the difficulties, troubles, problems, etc in our life. Complaining seems to come naturally as a part of the human condition. Since we are all sinners, fallen, broken, imperfect – we must learn to come to grips with our brokenness. For many people, the answer to that quandary is moan, whine, complain with anyone who will listen. For many others, the weight of our imperfection wears us down so that when we do come to worship, we are tired, worried, frazzled, depressed.

When we gather for Worship, when we come together in His name, the reality of God is brought to bear on our brokenness. Sometimes we enter worship longing for the touch of God. Sometimes when we come to worship it is the last place we want to be. However we come, God is ready to interact with His children. And this happens in ways too numerous to mention. God will reach out to us in a song, prayer, a friend, a word, a touch or in the very act of worship. It is then, when we are touched by God, that we encounter true joy, hope, peace and grace. When God is with us “Immanuel” we rejoice! The world is still there. We will leave this place, this hour and return to the “real” world, but God’s presence will remain. His touch on our hearts and lives will change us. When we willingly come unto Him, God rejoices!

Leonard Sweet once said “Two things distinguished early Christianity from it’s pagan surroundings. Both of these two things are related:  hope and joy”  I want to invite you to come and rejoice this weekend and see what God will do!

Come to Chatsworth 1st United Methodist Church this Sunday at 9am or 10:55am to hear more about how “We worship to Rejoice”


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