Radical thoughts

I am currently reading the book “Radical: Taking back your faith from the American dream” by David Platt.  (for more info click Here)   These two sentences have grabbed my attention.


God delights in using ordinary Christians who come to the end of themselves and choose to trust in his extraordinary provision. He stands ready to allocate His power to all who are radically dependent on Him and radically devoted to making much of Him


I love the language used here.  “God delights” I don’t think we use that image to describe God’s relationship with us very often. Love, grace, mercy, etc.  Yes. But delight.  That conjures up an entirely new set of emotions. God delights in me.  That is pretty awesome.  When I am doing something for someone who delights in me (thinking about as a child, asking Mom or Dad to watch me as I do something and waiting for their praise – feeling the warmth of their delight – no matter what or how I performed) I will be more committed, more passionate, more willing to do whatever it takes to receive that delight.


The end of themselves” conjures up desperation, despair, hopelessness.  In today’s world of “I can do it myself” to come to the end of yourself is a sign of failure.    Yet, . . . in the eyes of God, when we are at our lowest, He is at His best. When we can’t do anything else, God is finally able to move past our pride, our self-suffiency. To come to the end of ourselves is NOT comfortable. It is awkward, uncomfortable and dangerous, but it is here that God is able to do incredible things through us!


trust in His extraordinary provision”  We talk a lot about trusting God, but what does that look like for us?  What does it mean to understand that God’s provision is extraordinary? To ‘trust and obey’ in God means that we are not in the driver’s seat. God is the one giving the directions, choosing which path to take. I will admit, the thought of this scares me, but also thrills me at the same time.


He stands ready to allocate His power”  The image that I have here (although it pales in comparison to the reality of God’s actions) is changing the batteries in flashlight – you don’t realize how dim the light is until you have full power. Or how about cleaning your glasses. You don’t realize how dirty they were until they are completely clean! We have gotten so used to what we can do, that we don’t have any expectations of what God can do, if we let Him.


“radically dependent and radically devoted”  What does that even look like in American culture today?  Often times, when we think of the term Radical, it conjures up fanatical, obsessive, and bizarre. To be radically devoted to God is to place God above everything else. Above our jobs, above our hobbies, above our homes, above our family! That’s where a lot of us break down. We struggle to understand that if God is above our families, that our families will not suffer – actually our relationships with our families will improve because God is in charge.

To be radically dependent upon God means that we look to Him in everything that we do, think or say. Each decision, each action, each plan is contingent upon God’s desire for our lives first and then ours. To be radically dependent upon God means that we know that we cannot do it alone and that we are okay with that.


Pretty “Radical” huh?  🙂  What are your thoughts?






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