Glimpses of Grace

God allowed me to catch a few glimpses of His grace last week. In the midst of a crazy, crazy week, these glimpses gave me hope. Thank you Lord.

  • Stand up, stand up for Jesus, stand in his strength alone; the arm of flesh will fail you, ye dare not trust your own.” This is the 3rd verse of a wonderful hymn”Stand up, Stand up for Jesus” that we sang on Sunday. While we were singing these words I looked out into our congregation and saw F.N (our Chatsworth 1st UMC members know who I am talking about) standing to sing these words. F.N. is generally confined to a wheelchair suffering the effects of MS. He is a retired UM minister whose love for Jesus is a living sermon to every one who knows  him. I know I was not the only one tearing up at that moment. Thank you Lord for that glimpse of grace

We had a chance to be an avenue of God’s grace this week. By the grace of God we were able to give away more than 28,000 articles of clothing. In the midst of this week, we were able to help more than 75 schools, churches, and other agencies who serve children in our part of the state. I saw God at work in multiple ways through this ministry

  • We were truly worried about how we were going to get rid of so many clothes. I sent an e-mail out on Monday to some people I knew. I had heard of a video on youtube going viral, but had never experienced anything like it. By the end of the week that e-mail had been passed on hundreds of times and thousands of children were clothed. Praise God!
  • A member of our church and I talked about this issue and she made the following observation. (I’m paraphrasing) “I was truly afraid that we would never get rid of all these clothes. I have been praying for two months that God would do something to help us.  Do you know that it seems that my prayers that seem to be the most effective are those prayers when I am most desperate and know that I cannot do it on my own
  • Story after story was told of how these clothes were truly an answer to prayer. From the unemployed grandmother gathering clothes for her unemployed daughters children to the women going on a mission trip to Costa Rica who got so excited about the clothes she had to call  her pastor on the spot and tell  him what she had received. Schools,churches, nonprofits and government agencies came to shop and told us stories of the children they were trying to help. To see the love for the little ones in their eyes was truly a glimpse of Grace and gave me hope that God is still at work in this world.
  • On Friday afternoon we invited the general public to come and shop. In about 2 hours we saw over 150 families come and wait in a long line for the opportunity of getting clothes for their children (before we ran out!) I was touched by the grace shown by many of these families who waited in line. Some for the first time and some who were old hands at hand outs.

In the midst of life with all of it’s trials and troubles, it’s burdens and barriers, God is still at work even when we don’t notice.  What a blessing for us when God’s grace breaks through our daily lives and we are reminded of His love for us.  I pray that you will catch glimpses of your own this week.


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