What I’m reading right now – December 7th edition

If you have ever been in my office, you will know that I am self-confessed book-aholic. I love owning books. I love buying books (gift cards to buy books are always good gift ideas for this preacher 🙂 I love going through them from time to time to remind me of things that I had forgotten. I have even moved into the 21st century and have developed a deepening love of e-books. (I absolutely LOVE my Kindle) – You get the picture.  So anyway, I thought that I would share with you some of the things that I am reading with the hope that it might start a conversation.

In fact, before I continue, I would like to make a request from my readers. What book(s) would you consider to be the most important to you?  Your favorite? The one that influenced you the most? etc.  I would like to hear what you have to say.

What I am reading now.

  • Jesus Manifestoby Leonard Sweet and Frank Viola.  “Restoring the supremacy and sovereignty of Jesus Christ”I have been reading Leonard Sweet for years and love his insights into culture and the church. what I have read so far states that we in the church have become so focused on doing church that we have forgotten that we are the body with Christ as our head. I can see their point.
  • Celebration of Discipline by Richard J. Foster. This is the 25th anniversary edition of a classic. I still have my copy from 1988 and refer to it often. I am rereading this book as a guide for “The Journey” our Wednesday night study each week. We are going through the spiritual disciplines and Foster’s book provides a wonderful and easily readable introduction to some of the classical spiritual disciplines.
  • Sticky Church by Larry Osborne. “Does it matter how many people are coming through the front door if the back door is wide open?” I’m just starting this one, but the premise is of concern to churches everywhere. One of the things I am looking forward to reading is how his church structures their small group ministry around the Sunday sermon.  Ought to be interesting.
  • An Army of Ordinary People by Felicity Dale. An interesting book about the simple church (house church) movement. The book is built around stories of ordinary people who have discovered that they can share the Gospel and make a difference in peoples lives right where they live. There is something powerful about sitting around the kitchen table and talking about what God is doing.
  • Getting Things Done by David Allen “The art of stress-free productivity” This book is the basis of an online system for increasing your personal productivity. I’ve read about it for a number of years now and decided that I would check and see what it is all about.

P.S.  If you are a book-aholic (official name – bibliophile) like me, check out this website (thanks to Amy B for pointing me to this site) www.shelfari.com I’m just getting started on this site, but it is a great place to share your love of books with others.

John Wesley “It cannot be that the people should grow in grace unless they give themselves to reading. A reading people will always be a knowing people. A people who talk much will know little.”


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