I need some of that Peace the preacher talked about on Sunday

Yeah, I know. I’m talking about the sermon I preached two days ago. I mean, if I preached I ought to be able to live by it.  I do believe what I preach, but one of the glorious things that God does when a preacher prepares a message is God tries it out on the preacher first. It also helps when God uses my wife to remind me of something I said in my sermon. (she loves that by the way 🙂 )

I keep thinking back to those two definitions I shared on Sunday. Greek word for anxious means “To be pulled in two directions.”  Boy, isn’t that the truth. When you are worried or anxious about something, it sure is hard to focus on anything else.  Then the old english root for the word “worry” is “To strangle”  I like that definition too. Worry strangles a person in multiple ways. It strangles your focus, your thinking, your feeling and your productivity, not to mention your relationships with your family and with God.

Shalom, peace, is God’s answer to worry and anxiety. His peace will guard our minds and hearts. The peace of God will reside with us wherever we go. God designed it so that as we grow closer to Him, His peace will grow ever more prevalent in us.

The problem that I have, and I believe many others have, is that I know all of this in my mind, but it is my heart that clings to my worries and anxieties. It is my heart that will not let go. Praise be to God, however, that He reigns in my heart as well. When I finally realize that I cannot let go on my own and that I need to seek God’s help, that is when the peace I need comes into focus.

My prayer for all of you control freaks, worriers, type A personalities (like me) is this: May the peace of God become so near and dear to your heart that you cannot even imagine living without it. I pray that each time you begin to get anxious about something or worry about what lies ahead, God’s presence will be felt by you and His peace be real to you.  (and while you are at it – pray that prayer for me too!)



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