Random Thoughts – 9/13/10

-Last night at revival, our evangelist Mike Rayson (originally from Australia) was talking about how Koala bears hang around all day in their trees and generally are very docile creatures – except when you take them away from their trees. At that point they can get very upset and with their sharp claws can do serious damage to a person.
My daughter made the comment later on that sin is like a Koala Bear. It can be pretty and attractive to look at, but when you bring it in close it can do you an awful lot of harm.

-Working on a message about how we know we are in God’s will. This message is for all those who have been confused and uncertain. For those who have been scared and anxious. This is probably one of the most common experiences that all Christians share. The situations may be different, but the questing for the right direction is the same.  I look forward to where this message will take us.

-This past Sunday morning at our early service, I preached on one of my favorite Old Testament passages – the 51st Psalm.  Actually, I preached on 2 Samuel 11 & 12, the story of David and Bathsheba which is the context out of which Psalm 51 was written. I love the honesty of this Psalm and the depths out of which David cries to God.  Instead of reading Psalm 51 at the beginning of the service, I read the passage from 2 Samuel and commented on it and then at the end of the message invited the congregation to stand as we read Psalm 51. Knowing the background adds a lot of meaning to any scripture.

-As our Saturday Sack program begins again this Thursday (our 3rd school year of feeding the children of Murray County) let me share with you the content of a couple of  thank you letters we  have received

Dear Reverend Vest,     “I like your Saturday Sack. And you are cool and you are the best. Can you come please?        Your friend, Jesus”

Dear Rev. Vest, Thank you for the Saturday snacks. i really appreciate it that your giving me food for free. Your very generous for what your doing. I never thought someone in church would give me food for free. Your the nicest persons on earth.  Thank you,   Your friend, Jonathan

Now you know why we do it!    Come on out and join us any Thursday night from 5pm till 7pm the Murray County Schools are in session to help “pack the sacks”

Roger Vest


One Response

  1. I really like Mary Francis picture of sin like the Koala Bear.

    Mike Rayson’s messages were structured to nail some fundamental items and they bring the Christ relationship into clearer view. Wonder if we can get him again.

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