A week in the life of a UM pastor

Some thoughts on life as a UM pastor. This week has been a microcosm of what you have to deal with as a pastor. My wife (best friend, partner in ministry) is at home recovering from surgery on her foot last Thursday. I’m trying to do my best to be a compassionate caregiver while her foot is immobilized. My daughter begins a new school in less than a week and my son’s car is in the shop -of course the problem is not covered by the warranty! (Was that a little too much sarcasm?)

Performed a wedding on Saturday (rehearsal on Friday night) at a beautiful winery north of Dahlonega. Got to see a mother surprise her daughter with a special song near the end of the ceremony! Speaking of weddings – doing some pre-marital counseling this evening for a wedding on the 28th. Performing a renewal of wedding vows on the 21st and just received a phone call from a friend asking me to perform his wedding in December. Talk about joy coming out of sorrow – I preached his wife’s funeral 4 years ago and preached the funeral of his new wife’s former husband as well. To see the joy they have found in each other is pretty cool!

Preached a sermon on what happens when we die. In the middle of the message at our 2nd service, had a member of the congregation raise their hand and ask a question. This was the first time that had ever happened to me. The question did fit the topic and really drew the congregation in. This was one of those occasions when you know everyone was listening.

Attended a funeral on Saturday with a lot of my sermon research in my head and was touched by the words of the deceaseds former pastor. It wasn’t so much his theology that touched me but the depth of their relationship that shone through his words. It made me think a lot about how we know someone affects how we say goodbye to them. As a UM pastor, on many occasions, we only see the last chapter of a long story.

Been to the hospital a couple of times this week and prayed with a family as they watched a loved one go home. Calling upon the name of the Lord is a means of Grace no matter what actual words are used in the prayer. As pastor, one of my main jobs is to serve as a conduit of God’s grace. To be with someone during a time like this is to invite the presence of God into that moment.

Working on my sermon for next Sunday “How can a good God allow evil to happen?”  As I have read multiple sources about “the problem of evil” it makes my brain hurt. This is a question that has plagued the human race since Adam and Eve. Evil is real but so is the grace of God. To know that God gave his son to combat the reality of evil overwhelms me at times. It’s hard to truly comprehend such love.

All sorts of other random things happening this week. Preparing for Revival in September; updating the church website; thinking about insurance; preparing for Bible Study; mailing birthday cards; talking with another church who is starting a Saturday Sack program in their community; trying to clean my desk 🙂   and so much more.

As I think about all of this, I realize how incredibly necessary it is for a Pastor to have people praying for them. If I had to do this all on my own, I would fail miserably. As it is, there are still many times that I fail, but by the grace of God, there are times when God shines through. Thank you, thank you Lord for your mercy, your peace and your love of this child of yours who is trying to be obedient and trusting. Thank you church for your prayers and your support.

I wonder what next week will bring?


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