Holding on too tight!

Today’s post is for all of you type ‘A’ personalities out there. People (like myself) who have a plan, like to work the plan and don’t want anything outside the plan to interfere with your plan. We know that we should chill out, relax, be more flexible, don’t get so uptight, don’t worry, don’t get anxious, don’t ask for trouble before it gets here, etc.  We really do know these things and we try to integrate them into our lives. Some days are better than others. Some situations we are able to ‘go with the flow’ and some days we ‘hold on too tight.’

How easy is it to get caught up in the everyday busyness and the details of right here and right now. Even if our lives look like smooth sailing on the outside, from the inside we always have something to plan for, struggle with and worry about. And besides that, sometimes when life is too easy, when we think we are in control, that is the time that we forget there is one who is beyond us, one who knows us, one who understands us better than we understand ourselves. When we are getting things done through our own power, we forget to attach ourselves to God’s power.  The image that comes to mind is any electronic devise that runs on a battery.  As long as the battery  is charged, the devise runs like it was designed too, but when the battery runs out the devise shuts down. Until we connect to God, until we plug in to the never ending power source, there is always the danger of shutting down, burning out, blowing up, etc.

So how do we loosen our grip on life? How can we stop holding on so tight? It’s easy for those non- Type ‘A’ folks to say, slow down and just relax. It’s hard to change who you are overnight. Rather than trying to become who we are not, maybe we need to use who we are in a different way. Make a list, like we are so good at doing, only this time, make a list of the priorities that God wants in our lives.  Take the time to do the research into God’s Word and find out what God wants for us. And then fit those priorities to who you are, not who everyone else thinks you ought to be.  For instance, I have a book in my library called “Prayer for those who can’t sit still”  (I’m not joking – when I saw this book, I thought here is an author who understands me!) You don’t have to pray like everyone else. You don’t have to rest like everyone  else. You don’t have to do your devotional time like everyone else. Find a way that fits who you are.  God is a God of incredible diversity. He can meet us in a million different ways.

Shalom is the Hebrew word for peace, but it really means so much more than that. While it is often used as a greeting, it means more like wholeness, completeness, may all the fullness of God be yours today. Shalom/peace is not always calm, slow, still. Shalom can also be active, obedient, fulfilling. When we reside in the Shalom of God, we can truly be the person God created us to be. We don’t have to pretend to be someone else. We can be active. We can be focused. We can be driven. But we will not be the one in control. We will not be the one holding on so tight that we see nothing else. When we reside in the shalom of God, we are connected to the ‘power source’ at all times and we are able to see our life through the eyes of God.

Shalom to you my friends!


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  1. Roger — Holding on too tight. It’s great. I’m doing our UMW Mission Retreat and I would really like to use this in my discussion. Is it OK? Everyone will be impressed when I tell them where the info. came from.

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